Hello, my name is Ashley Grimmer!  I am a current senior at Mariemont High School and an enthusiast of all things travel, writing, and nature!  I play doubles on the Varsity tennis team, participate in the musical each year, and attend clubs such as Service Projects Abroad, Leadership Council, Art Club, and Sources of Strength.  Outside of school, I am a member of Girl Scouts, a former volunteer/zoo enthusiast, and a photographer.

Above all else, I love my family – especially my dog Pippa.  I have an older brother named Will who is a senior at The Ohio State University.  My parents have given me so many incredible opportunities to travel the world and pursue my interests that I am so grateful for.

My odd hobbies include stargazing, losing my keys, and attempting to juggle.

Go check out my school’s online newspaper: warpathonline.org