she holds secrets in her eyes

– she holds secrets in her eyes –

Back in February, after recently suffering the loss of my childhood dog, Augusta, my family decided to take a leap of faith and do something we had always wanted to do.

We rescued a dog 🙂

We adopted Pippa from Tails of Hope,  a foster based rescue organization in the Cincinnati area.  Although it has been a bumpy last few months, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  Here are three things I have learned from adopting a dog.

1. Just go with it

After spending ten years in a steady routine with my old dog Augusta, having Pippa around definitely threw life a bit off key.  Her temperament susceptible to change, her imagination constantly wandering, and her nose that can scout out even the most distant traces of food, having Pippa in my life has taught me that not everything has to go according to schedule to end up alright.

2. To be understanding

So I may never know exactly what kind of life Pippa had before coming to us, but what I do know is the way that is has made her.  She can be happy and joyous one moment yet saddened and scared the next.  She can be difficult to read which makes her tough to reason with.  She has taught me to have the patience to become more understanding and not lose my temper so quickly.

3. Unconditional love

Dogs can be funny like this.  They have this sort of unconditional love that is so everlasting.  They don’t know your past or your future.   They look at you in the present for everything that you are to them and love you so unconditionally.  I will never know what makes a dog that has seen hate in their past want to love so much, but Pippa has shown me that it is a beautiful thing.

It has been different.  It hasn’t been the idealized journey where I thought that she would come into our lives smoothly and make an easy transition, but, in my opinion, it has been better.  She has opened up my mind a new way of life where every day holds a new surprise.  It is funny how my speechless dog had taught me so much.

“The love of a dog is a pure thing. He gives you a trust which is total. You must not betray it.”  – Michel Houellebecq


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