and the tree wakes up to greet the sun

–  and the tree wakes up to greet the sun –

This is a line that I wrote about this time last year as I sat on a bench in Muir Woods, California. My surroundings were dark as my watch read 6:45 am.  The light was nowhere to be seen and the whole woods was filled with shadows.  Everything was so silent.  So still.  So peaceful.

Through the massive trunks of the coastal Redwoods, a glimmer of light crept in and greeted my eye with a morning glow.  In an instant, the woods flooded with energy and life.  The morning call of the European Starling invited every ear to listen in on its glorious welcome to a brand new day.

Minute by minute in more abundance, the sunlight filled the trees, the sky, and my heart.  It illuminated everything in its realm and renewed it with warmth.  Called out by its glory, the trees basked in the light the morning sky brought.

I often used to wonder why the sun rose.  Why it even bothered shining a light on our earth.  I would see the sun rise and set each day wondering why it even bothered to return.  What did we do for the sun?  All I could see around me was human fault, our destruction of the earth.  Mind you, the planet the sun brought life to.

The sun continued to rise while the light in my eye flickered out.  My passion for nature, art, and the smell of morning air faded.  I had a hard time waiting for the sun to return and to renew me with energy.  I lost touch with nature and I lost touch with myself.

So as I sat there last September, staring up at the leaves all entangled in their own lives, an idea came to me.  These trees surrounding me, nearly centuries old, wake up each morning to greet the sun.  Even though they may get caught up in the gusty winds being blown in from shore, suffer through a lost limb, or the pain of a carving (cough cough don’t carve on trees)  they still wake up to greet the sun.  They know that with every sun set, there is a sunrise, and with every hardship, hope glimmers in through the branches. I wake up to greet the sun.  Just as the trees, I wake up to greet the sun.

“The sky takes on shades of orange during sunrise and sunset, the colour that gives you hope that the sun will set only to rise again.” – Ram Charan






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  1. This is beautiful and well written! Keep it up Ash.


  2. “My first post is so dumb” UH NO. YOURE WRONG. I love this post and you!!


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